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Also known as Yaalpanam among Tamils. Located on the northern-most part of Sri Lanka. One of the oldest places of inhabition in South-east Asia. Mostly populated by Tamils along with a handful of Sri Lankan Muslims. However it is one of the most populated cities of Sri Lanka. Sri Lankan Tamil is the main language spoken in Jaffna along with a little bit of sinhala , however english is widely understood and spoken.

Jaffna Fort

Built during the late 1600s by the Dutch. Close to the fort is a British-period house, in which Virginia Woolf’s husband Leonard Woolf lived for sometime it was mentioned in his memoir ‘Growing’.


Hindu Kovils or temples are one of the major attractions in Jaffna, the most famous kovil is the Nallur Kovil, which reflects the Dravidian architecture and style beautifully. The Kandaswamy Kovil is also mostly visited by tourists which is one of the oldest kovils in Sri Lanka. The kovil was built during the 10th century. However the original Kovil was demolished by the Portugese during the colonial era.


Jaffna is a very cultural place due to the fact that Tamils belong to the Darvidian culture. Colourful festivals are a huge part of the culture Deepawali, Navarathri and Shivarathri are the few among the many festivals.