“Budget Tour Operators in Sri Lanka, Ceylon Valley Tours share the tips to travel around Sri Lanka on a budget tour, saving your money while having a good time. Get expert advices and customized budget tours from Ceylon Valley Tours; the best budget tour operators in Sri Lanka Serendipity” - the discovery of beauty by coincidence or accident - is a term coined from “Serendib”, the name bequeathed by seafaring Greeks to the Indian Ocean island of Sri Lanka. Two thousand years later, Sri Lanka still offers Serendipity to the traveler - a rare combination of unexpected pleasures.
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Strikingly beautiful landscapes, unspoiled golden beaches, an abundance of marine and terrestrial wildlife combined with historic temples, gigantic monuments, and a unique culture and exquisite pageantry to make Sri Lanka a matchless tourist destination in the Orient. History and legend, monuments and memorials, temples and processions, myth and folk-lore, fable and parable, philosophy and religion, statecraft and the art of war, and morals and the romance of modern Sri Lanka reveal the story of a new nation at crossroads – the death of an old civilization and a new culture struggling to be born.